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bozatayBuket Özatay was born in Nicosia, Cyprus. She has degrees on Business Administration and Marketing from America and MBA from Cyprus. She did internship in European Union Commission, Brussels. In 1995 she took over the directorate and the management of the Özatay Photographic family business. She is widely regarded by some published periodicals and reserach books on women as the first contemporary woman business person in Turkish Cypriot photography history.

In 1997, she started shooting art-based individual photographs. In the following years she draggs attraction with her abstract works with modernist understanding in addition to documentary, potrait, travel and street photography.

She is the first female photographer ever to have received awards in Turkish Cypriot Community and in international competitions organized by FIAP & PSA. She is the first Turkish Cypriot woman photographer to receive gold medals in FIAP & PSA photo competitions. She is the first Turkish Cypriot to receive first prize in Pan-Cyprian Photo Competition organized by Cyprus Photoghraphic Society. She has participated in many competitions and exhibitions both in Cyprus and abroad. Her photographs got acceptances in 46 different countries in 6 continents in international competitions and exhibitions. Her photographs received many awards in Cyprus and abroad.

She has been taken part as a jury member in many photo competitions and making presentations on photography in Cyprus. She is one of the first Turkish Cypriot women's awarded AFIAP. She had her first exhibition with the other AFIAP Turkish Cypriot woman Tijen Erol Yakup. in 2014.

Her works have been exhibited in 4th International Exhibition of Photography ISF, in Italy and in the first Shenzhen international photographic art exhibition in Ningbo in six art gallery exhibitions, in China

Since 2009 she has been organizing the biggest Photo Competition Exhibition in Turkish Cypriot Community 'Öztan Özatay Photography Competition and Exhibition' (in memory of her late photographer father) . She is starring a TV programme on BRT TV ''Photo Enthusiasts'' For 2015 Spring Term she is lecturing basic photography at Near East University.

Visit her personal web site here.

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